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How to Choose and Wear During the Coronavirus Pandemic

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that infected people can spread the virus before they start to show any symptoms.
Because of this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and an increasing number of state health departments have recommended that most people wear face coverings or nonmedical masks while out in public. 
First, while a homemade mask may offer some protection for the wearer, the key benefit is that it may reduce the likelihood of unknowingly passing COVID-19 on to others, says Aaron Glatt, M.D., Infectious Diseases Society of America spokesperson and hospital epidemiologist and chairman of the department of medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau in New York. 
Second, even if you wear a face covering, it’s essential to continue good infection control, notably social distancing. “Social distancing is the way we’re going to get out of this,” Glatt says.